Those wishing to participate in programs/projects must submit applications only in Georgian.
Receiving new applications for the program is over

Potential beneficiaries who have already sent their applications and receive information about the error in the application and/or accompanying documents, will have the opportunity to resubmit their applications in order to correct the error

If you live in mountainous areas and want to buy an agricultural equipment, you can get co-financing within the program. 

The goal and task of the program 

The goal of the "co-financing program for agricultural equipment in mountainous regions" is to increase access to agricultural equipment in mountainous areas.  

The task of the program is to increase access to the necessary finances for purchase of agricultural equipment through co-financing.

Implementer of the program 

Implementer of the program is Rural Development Agency. 

Implementation of the program is coordinated by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia. 

Geographical area of program distribution

The program will be implemented in the mountainous areas of Georgia (mountainous settlements are determined in accordance with the Resolution N 671 of the Government of Georgia from December 30, 2015 year on “Approval of the list of mountainous settlements”. The resolution may be amended and such amendments can be verified on official web-site of the Legislative Herald of Georgia)  

Resolution of the Government of Georgia